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;siwon/onew → my saviour
g; crack
690 words

a/n: unbeta-ed. this somewhat part two to this. last fic i'm writing okay! no more lovechild, beamms! D:< ilu, acrosstherug ♥ ps. this is so bad -_-

jinki thinks they did well today. and this thought is reassured when he’s enveloped in a big hug by none other than siwon’s arms. yes, siwon’s arms. he’d often refer to siwon’s arms as a separate being and it’s pretty much self-explanatory.

‘good job today, jinki-ah,’ siwon smiles, and he gives his hoobae a strong pat on the back.

jinki’s silently thankful for working out because now he doesn’t feel as crushed anymore whenever siwon gives him a tight hug.

jonghyun bounces past siwon and jinki and he finds kyuhyun on the couch (still) with donghae. ‘i did great, didn’t i, hyung?’

kyuhyun was too occupied to hear—or he just chooses not to listen. because he’s kyuhyun and he doesn’t need to explain why he chooses not to.

donghae continues to laugh as he and kyuhyun play with the watergun given to them earlier. the fish pumps the watergun before they give shindong a tiny squirt. they laugh as shindong jumped from his seat causing his last piece of bibimbap to end on the floor.

‘hyung,’ he whines, ‘i did great today, yes?’ there was something about kyuhyun’s approval that jonghyun needs to hear. he whines again when kyuhyun continues to ignore him a little more.

jinki manages to slink himself from siwon’s arms only to find himself now in leeteuk’s. jinki sighs a little because he knows he’s going to get the speech. ‘thanks, hyung, but i think we’ll do okay,’ he tries to assure him.

‘i don’t know…’ leeteuk says, quite hesitant, ‘who’ll be looking after you when we’re done promoting? ‘ leeteuk gives a (fail) pout. ‘you’re so grown up now that you’re doing all the promotions without us!’ he shifts his mood and teases jinki, nudging him.

the younger flushes a little, his white cheeks turning pink as he laughs, ‘aigoo, don’t say that hyung,’ and he clings onto leeteuk as he lowers his head, burying his face in the older’s chest as he gave him a hug.

‘yah, yah, i was only kidding,’ leeteuk laughs and jinki receives another pat on the back. he slinks away from leeteuk when he hears noises coming from the other end of the room.

donghae has the water float around his waist and there he was, dancing around the (already cramped waiting room) like the ballerina he thinks he is.

‘you look like a flying fish!’ jonghyun comments. and donghae flails a little more, adding in a couple more twirls, ‘are you kidding? i’m copying swan lake!’ and hyukjae snickers from somewhere around the room.

‘it’s not working. you’re not wet at all.’ kyuhyun said in mock serious tone before he reaches for the watergun and he aims for donghae.

‘don’t you even dare, kyuhyun!’ donghae warns, hands up as if trying to cover himself. yeah as if that’s going to help at all.

‘help me out will, ‘ya’ kyuhyun nudges jonghyun as he hands him the other watergun. jonghyun obliges of course and they both aim at donghae from the small couch at the corner.

‘one, two, three!’ water was squirting from the waterguns as both shoot the aimlessly…giving them a wet….

‘hyung!’ jonghyun laughs out loud when he opens his eyes to find a slightly drenched jinki. ‘you’re wet!’ as if that wasn’t obvious at all.

jinki rolls his eyes at them and gives them a tofu-pout. he wipes his face dry with the back of his hand.

‘what are you doing standing there? that was for donghae!’ the fish cheers from behind when he still remains dry.

‘is there no freedom to walk around anymore?’ jinki replies to kyuhyun flatly. he wasn’t annoyed…just wet. and he feels the water slowly seep in his white clothes. the coordi noona was going to have a fit.

‘aish you three, so rowdy!’ siwon suddenly appears as if jinki’s life saviour. ‘come on, let’s get you dried up.’ he says so and puts his arm around jinki (again) and tugs him away.

he walks off with siwon with the other three laughing as if they weren’t just reprimanded and jinki thinks probably getting wet isn’t so bad at all.

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