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;photosynthesis 101

;siwon x onew → photosynthesis 101
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a/n: UNEBETA-ED! Forgive me. Whatever this is that I wrote. This is just. IDE.
Once again acrosstherug has got me writing again. ILU EMMS. Botany is the new kink. ;D

Jinki hates studying. He curses the school, the subjects, the books and anyone and anything even remotely related to studying. And basically, everything he hates, he is surrounded by it. It's not exactly a perfect world for him when he comes home to his shared apartment is he is immediately surrounded by books. Not to mention the ones on the floor.

"Choi Siwon! You left your books on the floor again!" Obviously he wasn't having a good day and just to be sangtae in the middle of it all wasn't what he needed. Not right now. And even if Siwon is his boyfriend, no, he wasn’t excused from mood swings like this.

Siwon appears by the kitchen door donned in an apron with a spatula in hand and a questioning but innoncent look on his face. Ah, just what Jinki needed. He adored him like this, when he’s cooking dinner and being the perfect significant other but there were other things in his head right now.

“Haven’t I told you millions of times to please put them back in the shelf…” He gets up, book in hand as he walks to the shelf and replace the book. He does this slowly like he’s demonstrating to the other.

“I swear, I put them back in place!” Siwon tries to say as convincingly as he could. That was the truth anyway. Either that or he forgot to put it back. But of course he wasn’t going to tell Jinki that. Not in this mood. And with that glare Jinki was giving him.

“Bad day at school today?” Siwon hopes for a topic change, a smile on his face. It turns upside down though when he figures out that he’s said something wrong because Jinki doesn’t respond and instead falls on the couch with a frustrated sigh.

“What happened?” Siwon asks as he leans over the couch and watch Jinki massage his temples. He was used to this. For the two years they’ve been living together (ever since Siwon had graduated and he said he can afford a place for the both of them—since he was one of the youngest, yet highest paid professors in the most prestigious University in Seoul) he had been used to this short temper Jinki had whenever it came to topics as such.

Jinki doesn’t use his words. Instead, he pulls out a crumpled piece of paper from his pocket and he hands it to the other with his free hand while using the other to cover his eyes. He groans when he finally hears Siwon nod with a small hum meaning he has finally seen that big red fat “F” at the upper right corner of his paper.

Siwon on the other hand though. Even if he wanted to sympathize with the other and say words of comfort, all that came out of him was a, “This is basic Botany, Jinki. How can you fail this?” Give him credit for at least trying to choose the most comforting words his brain could muster.

“That is exactly why.” He gives him another glare. “It’s Botany. I’m a Business Major, why the hell would I have to study plants. And whatever that is.” He points to the paper angrily like he’s accusing it.

With a sigh, Siwon sits at the foot of the couch, placing Jinki’s legs over his lap as he examines the paper some more. “You know how it’s mandatory that they teach you general subjects..” And here Siwon begins to talk all professional. Jinki takes this time wonder as to how he had managed to live with this ‘being’ of a person. How he managed to handle Siwon whenever he began to babble like this—like the college professor that he was.

“I know, Siwon,” Jinki also uses this chance to call him Siwon because whenever they’re in school, Siwon has instructed Jinki to call him ’professor’ for obvious reasons. Jinki complies because Siwon does have more power than him in school.

He takes advantage of everything else too once they step inside their relatively big apartment. You know, with their walk-in closet, a bed that’s meant for more than two people, their Jacuzzi slash bathtub slash shower and their kitchen with the stove and the overhead. “I need it for cooking,” Jinki remembers Siwon reason out. And Jinki lets him buy it anyway because it’s his money but Jinki thinks he’d rather use the money on something else. And at the back of his mind, Jinki wonders how Siwon is able to afford this then he is reminded he is also the heir to one of the richest families. Such a lucky boy, this Lee Jinki is.

Siwon continues with the rambling. Really, Jinki can go on and on but he decides to stop Siwon when he begins to enumerate the school mission and vision. “I know, Siwon,” he repeats with that exact tone from earlier. “But I just don’t get…” He glances at the paper just to make sure he has it right, “I don’t get photosynthesis.”

Siwon finds it cute at how Jinki can be so helpless at such a simple thing. “Here. Get up.” He takes Jinki’s hand and pulls him to sit and makes sure his face is at a good distance with the other. He makes eye contact because he believes that’s what gets his point through.

Jinki finds it suddenly hard to stare back at Siwon. Not when they’re just inches apart. But he somewhat revels at the beauty of a God that was this person in front of him. And it helps, what Siwon did, is doing and will do because Jinki finds his mind temporarily blank and rid of whatever anger and frustration he had earlier.

“How is this s’pposed—“ He finally finds his words after moments of staring. “Sshh,” Siwon cuts him off. “I will explain and you will listen.” He clears his throat and Jinki nods like the obedient student he is. He gives his head a small shake when his long brown bangs fall to his eyes and Siwon helps him out and sweeps it to the side.

Clearing his throat again, he begins, “Photosynthesis. ‘Photo’ means ‘light’ and ‘synthesis’ means ‘putting together’,” he starts of slow just to have Jinki’s attention. “So let’s say you’re the plant. You’d obviously need water, right?” Siwon gives him a kiss on the forehead before he makes eye contact again, “And air, and sunlight,” He puts another kiss on either side of Jinki’s cheeks before his lips end on Jinki’s own.

Jinki’s pretty stiff right now because he’s still trying to connect all the kisses to Botany and Photosynthesis. And he was confused until he feels Siwon press his lips against his a little harder. Siwon cups Jinki’s face when he starts to kiss him, lightly nipping on Jinki’s lower lip. Jinki doesn’t respond because he wasn’t sure if he, the plant, was supposed to.

“Pretend I’m the sunlight, and as the plant you have to work and use everything you’re given to get energy for yourself.” The older mumbles against his lips before he tastes Jinki again. And this time, the kiss is a little sweeter because Jinki responds when his lips part. Siwon takes his time as he kisses him slowly, making sure to reach into every corner of his mouth so that Jinki remembers.

Siwon thinks Jinki tastes a little like mint chocolate chip. A mixture of something cold upon the first lick on the ice cream cone and then you find those mini chocolate chips and you bite on them and the sweetness fills your mouth. And everything else just becomes one unique, unexplainable taste that just has you coming back for more.

The kiss is a little too much for Jinki to handle when he finds himself out of breath. He isn’t able to tell anymore how long the kiss had gone but it was definitely one of the ones he knows he’d remember.

Siwon’s thumb rub circles against Jinki’s cheek, caressing him and he watches Jinki. He takes a mental picture of his eyes and his long lashes, his flushed cheeks and his semi-swollen red lips. “Did you get that?” He asks in a whisper and Jinki could swear at how much that line had him swooned. Probably because of the husky voice Siwon had used. Jinki called it his bedroom voice.

“Uhm,” he peeks the tip of his tongue out to lick at his lips and it stops and hangs out the corner of his mouth, pointing up as he tried to think. Honestly, his mind is a little clouded but he manages to find his words, “You know if you had taught me that earlier, I would’ve passed.” He says this with a teasing grin.

Siwon chuckles that charming chuckle of his that has Jinki falling in love with him all over again because what it is, is a soft ring to his ears. “Does that mean you finally understand it now?”

“Can you run that by me again?” His lips turn into a smirk when his lips dive in for another process of Siwon’s so called photosynthesis.

Jinki hates studying. But he probably has this one exception.
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