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;it's at times like this that jinki's happy

;joon x onew → it's at times like this that jinki's happy
pg; fluff?
1415 words

a/n: dedicating this too acrosstherug ! surprise! haha. because she has influenced me with too much joonew today. i just laksdjhfs admire joonew now and i just couldn't help but write this. i have been thinking about this all day. ilu bb! enjoy this one~ :3


One thirty is what his watch says when he checks for the time. Considering it was a party to celebrate their last show, one thirty is still too early but Jinki was tired. And as expected, everyone tried to make him stay. But he has every bit of excuse to go home (he explains that he has his four kids members waiting for him at home because they had planned on celebrating on their own).

He places his watch on the night stand before he heads straight for the bathroom. He's quiet when he looks back at his own reflection from the bathroom mirror. The eyeliner from today's show still perfectly emphasized his eyes. The thin black line traces the outline of his chinky eyes, charcoal black emphasizing his dark brown orbs. For a minute, he admires himself (yes, he does that when he's alone or he thinks no one is watching) and how he's able to look all refreshed at first glance because of the smile he puts on his face and when his eyes smile on their own.

But he takes the next minute to notice how there are dark circles under his eyes, evidences of how he's been overworked for the past few months due to his very demanding schedule. He takes a minute to wonder how far he's come as an idol. It's quiet times like this that Jinki likes because he can ponder over things. And it's at quiet times like this that Jinki hates because he's forced to ponder over things as such.

The cotton turns into a gradient of grey when he wipes the eyeliner off his eyes. From the other room, he can hear his phone ring and he just hopes to god that doesn't wake up his roommate. He's in the middle of getting ready for bed so he can't really answer it right now but he rushes to finish up. Just in case it was a call that needed to be returned, he's in his pajamas (matching checkered pajama tops and bottoms) and out of the bathroom after five minutes.

Jinki flops on his bed, his (still) curly hair fall and frame his eyes. He reaches for his phone when he falls back on a pillow. The anticipating smile on his lips turned into a stupid grin once he reads:

1 Missed Call
Lee Joon

He doesn't hesitate when he presses the green button to redial the number. He does bite his lips though because---

"Hello?" Jinki's smile turns into an even bigger one upon hearing his voice.

"Hey, it's me." Joon doesn't even need to ask who. This familiarity is probably because of the many nights they've spend talking on the phone. "Sorry I wasn't able to answer your call earlier. Did I wake you?" Jinki asks softly, pressing the phone closer to his ear.

'I was actually waiting for you,' Joon wanted to answer. But it's not like he can say that so easily. There was nothing wrong with looking forward to calls, right? "No, I couldn't sleep." Is his excuse.

Jinki wants to say, 'As usual,' because he hears that excuse almost every night but he keeps that too himself. "Oh. I just got home. Last day of the musicals and there was this cast party. Almost everyone was drunk." Jinki lets out a short chuckle.

"Did you get drunk too?" Joon asks with a grin. Jinki can tell he's teasing.

"I didn't! I was too tired to even get drunk!" Joon thinks how it's nice to hear Jinki's soft laughs at this time of night. He grabs a pillow and tucks it under his chin.

It's at times like this that Jinki's happy. When his bedside lamp is the only thing that illuminates his shared room and he's staring at the ceiling--staring at the glow in the dark stickers they had earlier installed when they first moved in and how they're faintly glowing. With his hand tucked under his head as a pillow, he smiles up at the mini galaxy he so happily had Taemin put together.

He's happy like this when he's able to talk about his day and the other would comment, sometimes even just laugh. He's happy even if Joon would tease him over his many sangtae moments caught on camera. He's happy even if there are times Joon would fall asleep when they don't even notice they have been talking till three in the morning.

He's happy when Joon would begin to blabber at how tiring his day was. How it was probably unproductive because MBLAQ was too rowdy in the dance room and they weren't able to do the routine in perfect streaks. Jinki's happy when Joon would hum about random songs that would enter his head and how towards the end it switches to another song.

For weeks, they've spent countless hours on the phone talking about...anything they can think of. Neither of them are sure when it started and neither of them notice how it has already become a habit. They stay up till God knows when, which at often times is the cause of their delay the next morning, but neither of them start to complain because they happen to like each other's company and the flow of their conversations.

Even if they talk about nonsense things such as clouds falling down to earth with unicorns descending on it.... Jinki tries to remember if they had mentioned sparkling castles and flying horse carriages or it was a dream (the cause of dream was most likely their topic for that night).

Jinki curls up to his side, phone tucked between his ear and the pillow, and he rests his eyes when Joon starts to talk about his very tiring shooting day--with the many NGs he occurred (to which Jinki couldn't help but laugh at).

"Still up?" Joon asks quietly.

Jinki nods, eyes still closed. "Mmm, still here."

"It's late. You should sleep." Joon doesn't want to sound too bossy but if anything, it was more of concern.

"I'm still good. You were saying something about having 32 NGs." Jinki prods for him to continue. It was interesting to him.

Joon is quick to shift the topic though. "We should celebrate."

"Celebrate what? Didn't we just have a mini celebration bike riding last couple of weeks ago?" Jinki says in a short hum, his mind showing him snap shots of that day and he begins to reminisce.

"You finishing your musical. It'll be my treat. Are you free tomorrow?" Joon asks this in a tone of excitement because he would really be looking forward to this if the other had said yes.

"It's my day off tomorrow~"

With that, Joon begins to ramble on how he already has the whole day planned. Apparently, he had planned on spending a day at Lotte World. Just a random thought. It was only till afternoon that he remembers it was Jinki's last day of musical and it would be the perfect reason to go. A list of rides to try and food to eat soon start to fill Jinki's ear like sweet lullaby (possibly because the rides are exciting, or the food is appetizing, or they were all coming from Joon).

"Hey~" Joon stops mid-sentence when he starts to hear a rhythm of soft breathes from the other line. He waits for the other to reply and when he doesn't he figures Jinki has fallen asleep. A smile spreads across his face. Joon doesn't have anything against it because he had done the exact same thing last night. He murmurs, "Good night~" before he ends the call.

He gets sweet dreams and good sleep that night.


The next morning, Jinki wakes up with a slight aching neck and one side of his cheek slightly red with the form of his phone. With a frown, he grabs his phone somewhere under the pillows and sheets and he remembers that he had fallen asleep while talking to Joon last night. He groans at the thought of it because it's embarrassing; it's the third time this week. His white cheeks go red.

And just as he was about to send a quick text of apology to the other, there's that stupid grin on his face again.

You fell asleep on me again, keke~ That's okay. You can make up for it tomorrow when we go to Lotte World. I'll pass by and pick you up around lunch. Good night!


emms, idk how you wanted this to go but i hope that's how it's supposed to be? XD even just the gist? guh, we have so much beamms already which is why i made you a tag now 8D. ♥
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