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;kyuhyun x sooyoung → you're still the one

;kyuhyun x sooyoung → you're still the one
g; fluff, romance
891 words

prompt: Shania Twain - You're Still The One

a/n: this is for neavalhalla i hope i did this right, bb. and i hope you enjoy it. ♥ | for kpop_het

“I’m sorry, Kyuhyun, it’s not—,” Her voice cracked, she was on the verge of tears. “I don’t think it’s going to work anymore…” Her voice lacked so much confidence that has Kyuhyun confused.

“What? Sooyoung…what are you saying?” He stared at her, face tilted at an angle as he tried to read her face. The balled up fists at his side had him restraining himself.

“Let’s break up,” Tears easily fell from her eyes. For a second, she was thankful for that; at least her blurred vision didn’t allow her to see Kyuhyun. She knew she’d break even more if she would see his face right now.

He looked at her with so much sadness and confusion that all he was asking for was an explanation. So many things ran in his head, so many thoughts and questions that he didn’t know which to entertain first. He would be lying if he said he didn’t expect this but he didn’t really think it would happen. Not today. Not on their one year anniversary.

He was left to stare at her when he was at a loss for words. His brows furrowed, mouth opening every now and then while no word would come, not even an utter. Just. Why?

“…I just can’t keep up with a long distance relationship anymore.” She finally spoke after minutes of silence. She had been debating it for weeks now. And she had come to face this fact. She tells herself that this is the reason.

Endless promotions and countless times they had to fight against schedule just to see each other—it was making her tired. She had to be in Japan for months at a time now to promote while Kyuhyun was busy touring the rest of Asia. The few times they’d be in Seoul, they would also be so busy that they could only sneak out at the wee hours of the morning to see each other.

Time was sacrificed, sleep was sacrificed; she just had too many things going on that keep a relationship with someone she rarely sees was hard. There were times she’d blame popularity and fame but she knew this was the price she had to pay the moment she signed up for this.

It’s just that, at this point, she is forced to make a decision. And she chose to let go.


She knew she’d be regretting it. She knew she will be missing him. She knew she would always run back to him. She knew how much he loved her and she knew that no matter what, the feelings she had for him will never disappear.

So she listened to him.

She listened to him when he said to give them another chance. She listened to him when he said he’d try harder this time. She listened to him when he whispered to her the only words that would give comfort and assurance. And that was all she needed from him.

“I have your coffee,” Kyuhyun spoke as he approached her—her thoughts startled. She left her gaze of the peaceful sea in front of them and remained leaning on the hood of Kyuhyun’s car as she took the cup of warm coffee in her hands.

“What were you thinking?” Kyuhyun asked as he sat next to her, sipping at his coffee.

Sooyoung was quiet and contemplated on answering. With a small sigh, she turned her head to look at Kyuhyun. There were just these times that she loved to just watch him. It gave her time to admire him at just realize how lucky she was. “Hm, it’s nothing,” she answered with a small giggle.

Kyuhyun eyed her suspiciously, raising an eyebrow at her playfully. “It was something. I can tell.” He argued to bicker—one of their favorite past times. And just out of habit, his hand had managed to find her free one and he intertwined their fingers.

“I was thinking…” She trailed off on purposed and sipped at her coffee some more and continued to look at him. “You need a haircut. You’re starting to look like a poodle.” She set her coffee aside to actually play around with Kyuhyun’s curly bangs.

“Yah!” Was only Kyuhyun’s frustrated reply with a forced pout on his face. Kyuhyun could never do pouts. And the fact that he tried to pull of faces as such whenever he was around him had Sooyoung laughing.

“I was kidding,” Sooyoung nudged his side a little bit, her fit of laughter turning into small giggles. Her fingers gave his hand a squeeze before she fell quiet and just rested her head on his shoulder. “I’m just really, happy, Kyu.” She told him softly, almost a whisper as she stared out up at the sky glittered with stars all for them to see.

It’s not every day that she would have the chance to run away from the city and temporarily live the day of an average girl. It’s not every day that she would get to have a quiet night where she can adore the stars. But it’s at rare times like this that she’s thankful she gets to spend it with Kyuhyun.

Kyuhyun kissed her cheek with a smile before he pulled her closer to him, “Happy two years, love,”

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